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ARTS23 Breakout Sessions
(As of XX, 2023)

 TRACK TITLE  (Click for a description)
Policy 150 - Unscrambling the Automated Vehicle (AV) Policy Puzzle: AV Policy Development and Regulation Under a New Normal
Policy 250 - Shark Tank: Is it Time for AVs to Grow Up?
Policy 331 - Mitigating Climate Change with ART Technologies
Policy 350 - Beyond the DriveTrain: Achieving Efficiency in CAVs through Technologies and Regulations
Operations 151 - Inconsistency of AV Traffic Flow Impact: Predictions in Literature
Operations 152 - Digital Infrastructure for Roadway Transportation and Automation Integration
Operations 251 - Automated Vehicle Technologies for Crowd-Sourced Roadway Environment Assessment
Operations 252 - Automated Trucking Research and Development
Operations 253 - Remote Assistance and Teleoperation for Automated Vehicle Operations
Operations 332 - AVs in Rural America – What can we Learn from the Data?
Operations 333 - Enhancing Mobility with Automated Shuttles and Buses
Operations 334 - How Connected Vehicle Deployment Lessons Lay the Groundwork for Highly Automated Vehicles
Operations 351 - Evaluating First Responder Interactions as the AV Market Expands
Operations 352 - Interactive Traffic Management for Highly Automated Vehicles
Safety 153 - ADS Standards Hot Topics: Operational Domain Design (ODD) & Operating Envelope Specification (OES)
Safety 154 - Cybersecurity Hot Topics
Safety 254 - Safety Assurance of Automated Driving
Safety 335 - AV Testing & Data Collection
Safety 353 - Adapting War Games to Explore Safety Measurement: An Interactive Exercise
Safety 354 - Understanding the Human Factors of Teleoperation