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The Innovations in Freight Data Workshop will facilitate conversations between freight data users and decision makers to learn and share the latest applications of traditional and emerging freight data sources, development of value-added features, integration of data sets, and other innovations. 

Conference Objectives:

Building on the success of two prior workshops, the third Innovations in Freight Data Workshop aims to bring together a broad community of data users and data developers to share:

  1. Recent advances in the application of emerging data sources for broad multi-modal freight applications;
  2. Experience and lessons learned from integrating new data sources in practice for freight planning and performance measurement, supply chain management, or fleet management;
  3. Experience on the use of emerging freight data sources for public and private sector decision-making;
  4. Advances in data visualization, data collection technologies, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and data analytics methods with potential applications for freight; and
  5. Promising advances and future needs for continuing advancement in freight data research and practice.