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Convened by 
The Transportation Research Board

In Collaboration With
AASHTO Technical Committee on Roadside Safety (TCRS)

Sponsored by
TRB Standing Committee on Roadside Safety Design (

This joint meeting will explore ways to reduce the severity of roadway departure crashes on motorists and vulnerable users.  Issues and practices associated with tree and pole impacts, one of the most common and severe types of crashes, will be discussed. Advancements in crash testing guidelines that offer potential for enhanced hardware performance through accommodation of a broader range of real-world crashes will be explored. Information pertaining to in-service performance evaluation of roadside safety hardware will be shared. Criteria for design and installation of barriers to shield vulnerable users, including shared use facilities and motorcyclists, will be discussed.  Research needed to achieve meaningful advancements in these technical areas as well as other areas of roadside safety will be identified. The meeting will be of interest to AASHTO, state DOT designers and engineers, FHWA, consultants, researchers, testing laboratories, manufacturers, and others.

TRB AKD20 Committee Scope – This committee is concerned with the development of forgiving highway roadsides through countermeasures, safety hardware, and features that will reduce the number and severity of roadway departure crashes and optimize the safety benefit to the traveling public.

AASHTO TCRS Objective and Scope - The objective of this technical committee is to provide a focal point and working group that addresses issues related to roadside safety and develops AASHTO policies and guides reflecting current procedures and the latest technology related to errant vehicle safety within the roadside.

Code of Conduct: TRB is part of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) and follows the NASEM guidelines in preventing discrimination, harassment, and bullying of participants at NASEM events, including TRB conferences.