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The concept of scenario planning is not new to the transportation industry. However, the practice of using scenario planning to be ready and agile to respond to disruptions when they occur has been slow to take hold. The need to accelerate the use of scenario planning was exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, but in reality the transportation system and its organizations have faced great change prior to the pandemic. From major weather events to rapidly changing technologies to evolving mobility needs, transportation agencies have attempted to meet these challenges; however, in few occasions had scenario planning activities played a major role in these responses. The COVID-19 pandemic changed this and led to an increase in scenario planning. 

This conference seeks to build on the great foundation that was established by TRB’s 2016 Use of Scenario Planning in Transportation Planning conference. Sessions will explore the recent expanded use of scenario planning, and will seek to determine why this practice has not stuck in the everyday work of our nation’s transportation agencies. The conference will explore the use of scenario planning across sectors and public policy areas, and will try to identify barriers to greater use of this tool. Through interactive workshops and sessions, attendees will learn how to enhance their application of scenario planning principles and through this learn policies, procedures, and tools that can be implemented so that transportation providers can better respond to disruptions. 

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