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During a time of ever-changing dynamics, there is a tremendous amount happening in the world of asset management. The 13th National Conference on Transportation Asset Management is an event you do not want to miss! The program includes a variety of topics highlighting best practices in long-standing areas as well as emerging issues from the changing world around us. This program will satisfy practitioners from planning, maintenance, operations, and organizational and informational management who are ready to move beyond the basics. The program will feature dedicated sessions that address transit asset management, transportation finances, asset data, organizational structure and culture, future-ready planning, improving resilience to climate change and extreme weather events, and more — all structured by thematic days. 

The 3-day virtual conference will include concurrent sessions focused on Strategic Planning Through TAM on Day 1, Supporting TAM Operations on Day 2, and Day 3 will energize and prepare us for the Future of Asset Management. Whether you are a member of the pooled fund established by the Iowa Department of Transportation; a practitioner from a federal, state, or local transportation agency; a member of a regional planning organization, transit agency, academia, or private industry, the interactive virtual event provides a great opportunity to enhance your skills, learn what is being done in other organizations, and exchange ideas with your peers. I hope to see you in August via the virtual conference platform!

Gregory Slater, Secretary

Maryland Department of Transportation


***A condensed virtual platform requires significant changes to the program format. Unfortunately, no submitted abstracts will be used in the conference content. We appreciate all those who applied, and anticipate a return to abstract presentations at future in-person meetings. Thank you for your patience, understanding, and continual support.***

The 13th National Conference on Transportation Asset Management is an event you do not want to miss! The program includes material to support TAM practitioners who are just getting started to complex investment strategies that will challenge those who are ready to move beyond the basics. Each of the three-days will include interactive online sessions focusing on a theme to support attendees needs today and in the future.

Day 1 – Strategic Planning Through TAM

Day 2 – Supporting TAM Operations: Managing the Day-to-day

Day 3 – Preparing for the Future of Asset Management

Themes will include comprehensive implementation within and across organizations, establishing and monitoring asset management plans, performance measures for asset management, tools and technology to assist decision making, transit state of good repair, and adaption of transportation to threats from extreme weather, natural disasters, and other events. This meeting will serve as the forum for moving asset management initiatives into practice and will be the venue for a wide range of federal, state, MPO/local, and transit agencies, as well as private sector practitioners and university researchers to share knowledge, sponsor peer to peer learning, and work together.

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