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The Meeting Links are available on the “For Attendees” tab on the Registration Website. Click on “Already Registered?” located under the green registration button and enter your email address and confirmation number. Select Meetings Links from the For Attendees pulldown menu.

Convened by
Transportation Research Board

Sponsored by
Legal Resources Section (AJL00)

TRB’s Legal Resources Section is sponsoring the 60th Annual Workshop on Transportation Law from September 13-15, 2021 as a TRB Virtual Event. Each year the workshop attracts 150 to 200 lawyers, engineers, and transportation planners. The workshop provides opportunities to meet and hear from federal, state and local government transportation attorneys and private transportation practitioners from around the country. In-depth sessions on significant legal issues in transportation are presented by leading subject matter practitioners including senior attorneys from the Federal Highway Administration, Federal Transit Administration, and Federal Railroad Administration.