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The Transportation Research Board convenes the Conference on Transformative Times in Transportation Security, a virtual event, November 1-5, 2021


The terror attacks of 9/11 occurred 20 years ago. Everything about transportation changed after that day. From designing and building transportation infrastructure, to connecting systems and data, to employee responsibilities and risks, and to monitoring and protecting the people and cargo accessing transportation systems and services. Since 2001 there have been natural disaster and cyber-attack disruptions that have transformed normal transportation functions and services to a new normal. COVID-19 is the latest disruption that will change how we use and operate transportation. The safe and secure movement of people and cargo is essential to our national defense, regional economies, and societal resiliency. The objective of the conference is to highlight good practice, identify trends, and capture research questions and needs for which TRB and its convening organizations can focus their efforts.

This conference would bring together leading researchers, practitioners, and educators to discuss needs and solutions to the evolving security, safety and threat landscape in transportation. The conference program will focus on surface transportation modes and the necessary coordination for multimodal mobility during disasters; to include cyber and pandemics. Additionally, the conference will address the related matter of transportation for national defense.