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*Please note that this Call for Papers is for a Special Issue of the TRR for publication-only papers. 

The Transportation Research Record (TRR) Journal invites you to submit papers for a Special Issue of TRR under the broad theme of freight transportation automation, logistics, and supply chains, covering both the private and public sectors. Of particular interest are papers

  •  advancing state-of-the-art theories, design practices or operations,
  •  exploring the role of automation in the freight industry and freight planning,
  •  including information technologies, new modeling tools, and data sharing paradigms,
  •  addressing the impacts on logistics and supply chains, international trade, equity, and environmental sustainability.

Papers are all welcome in the areas of urban or rural, mode-oriented, or intermodal, public or private, and regional or global. Sample topics include the following:


  • Role of digitization, automation, and autonomous transportation/trucks in freight mobility and planning
  • New freight modes (e.g., last-mile robots, drones, cargo bikes, hyperloop)
  • Impact of Cyber-Physical Systems, Internet of Things or Physical Internet on freight systems
  • E-commerce, Shared or on-demand economy, Crowdsourcing impacts on freight (e.g., same-day deliveries, consolidation centers, crowd-shipping micro-distribution centers, warehouses)

Freight data and modelling

  • Network models of freight flow and logistics
  • Innovative data sources and methods of data integration/fusion
  • Operations research models for freight and logistics systems
  • Shipper, carrier, receiver, consumer behavioral models and decision support tools
  • Trade, computable general equilibrium, Agent Based models and spatial pricing equilibrium models

Logistics and supply chains

  • Commercial vehicle operations e.g., weigh-in-motion, drayage, off-peak deliveries, long haul truck parking, cruising for parking
  • Operations at freight facilities: e.g., cross-dock operations, cargo operations at ports, railyard scheduling, hinterland operations
  • Supply chain networks: e.g., freight consolidation centers, resilient networks, bullwhip effects, supplier selection
  • Impact of 3D printing in the supply chain and logistics


  • Pricing policies (e.g., congestion pricing, cap, and trade, tariffs, carbon taxation, facility leasing)
  • Demand management policies (e.g., voluntary off-peak deliveries, receiver-led consolidation programs, Curbside management)
  • Infrastructure policies on truck operations: e.g., managed lanes, alternative fuel truck infrastructure (smart grid, charging stations/lanes)
  • Effects of international trade policies (e.g., USMCA, border security) or national trends on local goods movement
  • Truck Size and Weight

Public/private interaction

  • Strategic interactions between private operators and public agencies: subsidies, privacy in data sharing, outsourcing, regulations etc.
  • Incident management and safety in freight movements (including hazardous material), e.g. train derailments, truck accidents
  • Emergency relief and humanitarian logistics

The papers are due by 31th January 2022.  The first review/decision will be provided within 3 months. The guidelines to submit the manuscripts are at https://www.editorialmanager.com/trr/Default.aspx. The papers will be made freely available via an open access link. 

For any questions regarding this Call for Papers, please contact Sushant Sharma (s-sharma@tamu.edu) or Patti Lockhart (pouellette@nas.edu).

Sponsored by TRB’s Freight Transportation Planning and Logistics Committee (AT015), and Co-sponsored by Urban Freight Transportation Committee (AT025), Freight Transportation Data Committee (AED70) and Subcommittee on Transit, Freight, and Logistics Modeling AEP40(1) and Freight Systems Group.

Guest Editors

  • Dr. Sushant Sharma, Texas A&M Transportation Institute, Texas A&M University, USA
  • Dr. Hani Mahmassani, Northwestern University, USA
  • Dr. Lorant Tavasszy, TU Delft, Netherlands
  • Dr. Jose Holguin-Veras, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA
  • Dr. Alison Conway, City College of New York, USA
  • Dr. Bill Eisele, Texas A&M Transportation Institute, Texas A&M University, USA
  • Dr. Monique Stinson, Argonne National Lab, USA
  • Dr. Xiaokun (Cara) Wang, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA
  • Dr. Shengchuan Zhao, Dalian University of Technology, China
  • Dr. Shuaian (Hans) Wang, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China
  • Dr. Prasanta Sahu, Birla Institute of Technology, India
  • Ms. Coral Torres, Surface Transportation Board, USA
  • Dr. Erica Wygonik, Resource Systems Group, USA
  • Dr. Ivan Sanchez Diaz, Chalmers University, Sweden
  • Dr. Avinash Unnikrishnan, Portland State University, USA
  • Dr. Joseph Chow, New York University, USA
  • Dr. Johan W. Joubert,  University of Pretoria, South Africa
  • Dr. Matthew J. Roorda, University of Toronto, Canada
  • Dr. Sabya Mishra, University of Memphis, USA
  • Dr. Bo Zou, University of Illinois Chicago, USA
  • Dr. Dezhi Zhang, Central South University, China

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