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Paper Review |  Event Organizer Guide | Presiding Officer Guide | Presenter Guide


These resource pages provide accessible information for all presenters and event organizers at the TRB Annual Meeting. Each resource page focuses on a different role at the TRB Annual Meeting and includes a brief overview along with a list of resources.

Paper Authors
Initial paper submission for the TRB Annual Meeting closed on August 1. This resource page provides advice on writing a paper for TRB, information on the review process, Editorial Manager instructional guides, and lots more.

Paper Review Coordinators and Paper Reviewers
This page provides background information on the peer review process and specific directions for working with Editorial Manager.

Event Organizers
This page contains information about events held at the Annual Meeting and how to plan those events.

Event Moderators and Presiding Officers 
This page contains descriptions of the roles and expectations of the presiding officer/moderator for each type of event.

Speakers and Poster Presenters 
This page will be continually updated with pertinent information for speakers and poster presenters as we draw closer to the Annual Meeting.

All of the Above
The Annual Meeting home page provides links to information on the meeting program, registration, COVID safety, the venues, neighborhood, hotel options, and transportation options.