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Key Deadlines
August 18: Complete reviewer assignment
August 24: Desk rejections sent
September 15: All reviews complete
October 1: Paper decisions due

*Steps to Ensure You Receive Emails from Editorial Manager*

There are a few steps you can take to make sure you receive emails from Editorial Manager.  Adding a secondary email address to your account can help.  You can also let your IT department know that emails from editorialmanager.com are safe and ask them to whitelist the IP range of – all emails from Editorial Manager are sent from that.

Quick Guides for Review Coordinators

Updating Reviewer Pools              Updating Your Profile                How to Return a Paper to a Senior Program Officer  


Criteria for Desk Rejections            How to Desk Reject a Paper              Inviting Reviewers               

Unassigning Reviewers              Setting Reviewer Preferences               How to Reopen a Review


How to Contact a Late Reviewer                 View Reviews and Ratings                How to Submit Your Recommendation


  • If a paper meets any of the Criteria for Desk Rejections or you feel that it is not viable for presentation, please select the instructions on how to Desk Reject a paper.

  • If a paper does not actually fit your committee, follow the instructions on how to return a paper to a Senior Program Officer.

  • If a paper is ready to have reviewers invited, follow the Inviting Reviewers guide.  A minimum of 2 reviews is required.  We encourage you to set up Alternate Reviewers, in case a reviewer declines to review.

  • Reviews are due 9/15.

    • Due to the amount of papers received, we do not notify you when a reviewer declines to review.  Please check in periodically to insure that you have enough reviewers.

    • Reviewers receive automatic reminders 3 days before their review is due, on their due date, and 5 days after a review is late.

    • If you would like to personally reach out to a late reviewer, please view the guide for contacting a late reviewer.

  • Recommendations are due by 10/1.

    • You can View Reviews and Ratings for each paper to assist in your recommendation. 

    • Reports are also available to assist in your recommendation process. Reach out to your SPO for assistance.


Webinars for Review Coordinators

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Getting Started

Next Steps
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